In my job, I work a lot with Terraform, which makes a good CI/CD pipeline crucial. I’ve worked with a few implementations and there are four things that I consider to be baseline requirements of a Terraform CI/CD pipeline:

Technical Standards, not Technical Debt

I currently work as the go to person on reliability and infrastructure best practice for a number of teams. My teams are like most development teams I’ve worked for in the past, long on backlog and short on time. I therefore have a big job…

This was going to be a blog post about installing protoc on Linux Mint, as that took me far longer and way more Stack Overflow posts than I expected it to. …

(My latest bake! A classic Victoria sponge: vanilla buttercream with raspberry jam. It was delicious.)

So I wanted to do a bit of go development on my home computer. I hadn’t done much development on the laptop since I bought it probably six months ago but I assumed it would…

E. Roberts

Software engineer, passionate about SRE and building maintainable systems efficiently

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